Providing Escrow Agent Services related to Debt Resolution

American Payment Technologies, Inc. provides independent third party escrow agent services to assist in the elimination of consumer debt at the lowest cost to the consumer. Clients consistent in a Debt Resolution Program are typically Debt Free in 24 to 36 months (specific statistics may be obtained by contacting the settlement provider in your state). APT works with various settlement providers depending on your state of residence.

For questions related to the setup of the administration of this plan contact our office: (877) 272-9232

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For Free Counseling about whether this type of program is right for you, contact the settlement organization in the Forms Section of this site for your state of residence or our trusted Non-profit referral Agency counseling center at 1-800-234-6781.

The Counseling Center can provide information, counseling, and calculators for your use to determine the most effective method for elimination of your consumer debt. Each option includes various pros and cons to be considered and can even be different depending on your state of residence. Both American Payment Technologies, Inc, and Debt Free, are prevented from specific recommendations as this is considered the unauthorized practice of law.

These options include:

  • Traditional Credit Counseling
  • Debt Resolution
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

By reviewing the “Overview” you can narrow your focus of options for success. Then a review of “How the program works” will more clearly educate you in the specifics of the program. The administration costs of each of these options are about the same when using reputable organizations. The difference is in the combined total outlay of funds to eliminate the debt itself.

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The primary function of American Payment Technologies, Inc. is providing independent third party escrow agent services to assist in the elimination of consumer debt. Other services include…

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